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©2016 Lucy Blu Official. 

United Kingdom

"the girl with the blue hair..."

Essex born artist Lucy Blu has grabbed the MUSIC scene here in the  UK firmly by the  horns, and doesn't  show signs of letting go any time        soon...

      Having recently been compared             to some of Country's modern                  greats, including Cam and                        Kacey Musgraves, AND being                   dubbed "the UK's answer to                  Linda Ronstadt," its clear                   to see WHY she's cementing              her place firmly amongst                   the very best out there today.

     Balancing perfectly between               classic and modern CountrY, her         honest and relatable songwriting        will take you on a ride that will          SEE you laughing, crying, and              everything in between. 

SHE CITES THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING, FIRST AND FOREMOST, A MUSIC FAN. WITH inspiration and taste transcending genrE labels, instead Focusing on what makes a song great.

With three Top 5 singles, under her belt this year, and more new music on its way very soon, you can guarantee 'the girl with the blue hair' is one to watch in 2019 and beyond!